English Winter Concert

There are some suggested practice resources available now. Links are in blue and bold. I have only been able to create practice tracks for the Waller for now, but this should give you something to work on.

  1. Rutter – Requiem: It is suggested that you look at the tracks on the Choralia website. Note that this website now has a new embedded player that allows you to slow down tracks (not that you need to slow the Rutter down!)
  2. Mealor – She walks in Beauty: Here is a YouTube link for a performance to listen to. I’ve also created some practice tracks by scanning the score into Sibelius.
  3. Todd – Softly: Another YouTube link for a performance. Please ignore the costumes – the sound is great!
  4. Waller – The Minstrels: There are practice tracks below that have been created from a copy of the score.

If anyone has any comments, alternative ideas or queries about the resources section of the Orpheus website, please fill in the form on the Practice for next concert page.