Here you will usually find resources connected with the next concert. This may include audio files to help you learn your part or music to print.

Practice Tracks

Carols for Choirs

For carols found in the Oxford books of carols it is worth looking at John Fletcher’s website although a subscription is required to access these tracks. However, the choir has now bought a group licence with 30 logins. If you want to want to join this group, please send an email or ask at a rehearsal. Note that Tippett’s ‘A Child of our Time’ is also on John Fletcher. There are links to practice tracks on the items below:

Congregational Carols:
Hark the Herald
O Little Town of Bethlehem
Once in Royal
O come, all ye faithful

Choir Carols:
Away in a manger (Jacques)
Holy Infant Child (Fiona Lander) – printed copies available at next rehearsal.
The First Nowell
The Snow (Elgar) – SSA only – printed copies already handed out a few weeks ago.
For unto is a Child is Born (Handel) – seems to be from the Messiah!
Sussex Carol


Have a look at the Choralia website for practice tracks. These can sound a little odd sometimes as they are computer generated, but you can clearly hear the words which helps you to keep track of where you are in the music.

Whilst you could download these tracks to play offline (right-click on one of the little ‘speaker’ icons), Choralia have recently added two compelling reasons to play them online!

  1. Replaying a selection: There is a bar with two sliders that enable you to play and replay a selection from a track – until you get it right!
  2. Slowing down a section: There is a second bar that can be used to slow down (or speed up!) a track – could be useful for all those items with rapid runs! Slow them down and check the notes.

Choralia have added this feature through advertising so feel free to ignore the adverts.

Slowing down practice tracks

If you do want to slow down any track that you can download then I recommend ‘The Amazing Slowdowner’ from Roni Music. You can buy this for Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone and Android devices. The Mac/PC versions cost more though.


Any questions or thoughts of your own?

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