The annual subscription for members is £85.

For those just singing from September to December 2018 (The Messiah and the Christmas Concert) the subscription is £50. If anyone then decides to return in January you will only have to pay the difference – £35.

For those joining in January the subscription is £60.

For those wishing to pay their subscription by bank transfer, the choir bank account is:

sort code: 40-24-16
account number: 4043 0072
Reference: HOC your name

Payment by Standing Order:
If you wish to pay your subscription for 2018-19 on a monthly basis you can set up a standing order through your bank. With the total subscription at £85 you would then pay 10 monthly instalments of £8.50.

By choosing to make monthly payments you are committing to continue these for 10 payments and paying a total of £85 (First payment in Oct, last in July.)

We will need to know who is making each payment on the bank statement, so please include a ‘reference’ with each payment, of ‘HOC’ followed by your name.

Details required to set up the standing order:-

First payment                1st October 2018 (or as soon after that as possible)
Monthly payments        1st of each subsequent month
Last payment                 1st July 2019
All payments                 £8.50
HOC bank sort code      40 24 16
HOC account number    40430072
Reference                       HOC your name