Installing Jamulus

Whether installing Jamulus for the first time, or updating it the process is much the same.

  1. Download Jamulus from this website: https://sourceforge.net/projects/llcon/
    It will automatically detect the type of computer you are using (PC or Mac) and download the correct version. There is sometimes a delay before the download finishes so just wait!
  2. Click the file to run it.

If you are using Windows 10 you may get a warning message:

Click on the “More Info” link (1) and then “Run Anyway” (2)
When the installer runs, accept all the default prompts
After it’s finished, press “Close” to exit the installer. That’s it – job done.

You can now run Jamulus in the usual way.


As part of the Jamulus installation you drag only ‘Jamulus’ to ‘Applications’. There is no need for the server version.

Running Jamulus for the first time on a Mac causes the same response that you will always get with any application that that has not been downloaded from the App Store. If you see the window below click on ‘Cancel’.

Then open your applications folder on your Mac, find Jamulus, right-click on it and select ‘Open’.

You only need to do the first time you run Jamulus, although it will probably happen if you update Jamulus.

Updating Jamulus

Unlike many applications, there is no update facility within Jamulus itself. If there is an update available, just download and install it over the top of the existing version. Your settings should also be preserved.

On a Mac you will see this window:

Just select ‘Replace’.