Reducing Risk of Covid transmission at rehearsals

There are a number of mitigating measures that the committee have discussed and agreed upon. We must insist that these are to be adhered to although everything will be under continued, monthly review. It is probably better that we start cautiously!

Please remember that we have to keep the hall well ventilated and, if it is cold outside, it could be quite chilly inside too! So wear plenty of warm clothing – you can always remove layers if you are too hot!

  1. Do not come to rehearsals if:
  • you have symptoms/feel unwell
  • you have tested positive (Lateral Flow or PCR)
  • you have been told to self-isolate
  • someone you have close contact with has tested positive
  • you are quarantining after a visit abroad
  1. Masks should be worn on entry, when not rehearsing and when leaving the hall. You may remove your mask when singing.
  2. We will have a one-way system in place so, when you enter through the main doors, turn immediately right into the small hall. Leave via the usual doors past the loos.
  3. Use the wall-mounted hand sanitiser on entry
  4. Sing at a reduced volume – as some of you haven’t sung for 18 months it might be a good idea anyway, but a reduced volume will reduce the quantity of aerosols released.
  5. Do not move your chair and do not leave your allocated space during the rehearsal.
  6. Maintain 1metre plus social distancing at all times and be respectful of each other’s space
  7. Do not share scores or equipment such as pencils – please bring your own!
  8. Bring your own refreshments, and take everything home again with you.
  9. If you contract Covid-19 after a rehearsal it is vital that you let me know, and this will be reported on ‘Well Rehearsed’.

Rehearsals start: Wednesday January 19th at 7:30 in Trinity Methodist Church Hall, Beaumont Street, Hexham

There will be a half-term break on February 23rd

Note: the dates of these breaks are provisional.