Next Concert

Wednesday 16th December, 2020 – on YouTube

Please click on the image below to watch out concert on YouTube. It will be available from 7:30pm as the poster says! Don’t forget to donate to Crisis via the link further down this page.

Unable to hold any real concerts for months, at last we have something to offer you – an online Christmas concert on Wednesday December 16th. Mark Edwards has worked hard to prepare a series of guide tracks to record our parts. Then he is mixing our recordings together to make a concert that we will be running on YouTube.

Donations: There is an opportunity to donate money through Just Giving to Crisis, the same charity that we have raised money for in the previous two Christmas concerts. Just click on the link!

Programme: We will be singing three choir items, including our commissioned piece from last year, ‘Sing out, Rejoice, Sing out’ by Fiona Lander, ‘Away in a manger’, and ‘Jingle Bells’. There are also a couple of specially recorded readings, and three audience carols where the words will be scrolling on the screen so you can join in!

We have had a lot of fun creating the recordings for this concert so please tune in.