The annual subscription for members is £90.

However, if you have decided not to join us at the moment then you can still support the choir through a donation. If you are a tax payer then we are able to claim more gift aid from donations in fact.

Payment by Bank Transfer:

For those wishing to pay their subscription by bank transfer, the choir bank account is:

sort code: 40-24-16
account number: 4043 0072
Reference: HOC your name

Payment by Standing Order:

If you wish to pay your subscription for 2021-22 on a monthly basis, you can set up a standing order through your bank. With the total subscription at £90 you would then pay 10 monthly instalments of £9.00

By choosing to make monthly payments you are committing to continue these for 10 payments and paying a total of £90 (First payment in Oct, last in July.)

We will need to know who is making each payment on the bank statement, so please include a ‘reference’ with each payment, of ‘HOC’ followed by your name.

Details required to set up the standing order:-

First payment                1st October 2021 (or as soon after that as possible)
Monthly payments        1st of each subsequent month
Last payment                1st July 2022
All payments                 £9.00
HOC bank sort code      40-24-16
HOC account number    4043 0072
Reference                       HOC your name

Gift Aid

If you are UK taxpayer then we can claim Gift Aid on your subscription. Please collect a form at any rehearsal from the treasurer and fill this in. You must pay at least as much tax as we shall be claiming each year on your donation. It provides a very useful income annually.