Practice for next concert

Here you will usually find resources connected with the next concert. This may include audio files to help you learn your part or music to print.

Practice Tracks

These are available on John Fletcher. If you have an account already, or are part of the Hexham Orpheus Group you can get started straight away. We still have a few seats left in this group. Note that you cannot use these tracks unless you have an individual account on John Fletcher or are a member of the Orpheus group. Joining this group is free as the choir has paid for the account, so there is no need to pay for your own account.

The tracks on John Fletcher are not organised so that all those from each part are grouped together, but you can download them to your own device and play them locally.

Here are links on John Fletcher to the works we are currently working on:

Elgar: The Music Makers

Brahms: Schicksalslied

The Brahms is also available on Choralia for that like practising with the electronic voice that ‘sings’ your part.

Slowing down practice tracks

If you do want to slow down any track that you can download then I recommend ‘The Amazing Slowdowner‘ from Roni Music. You can buy this for Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone and Android devices. The Mac/PC versions cost more though. Once installed, you can create playlists for the works you are learning.

There are also two free web-based tools, recommended by John Fletcher, where you can open a file and change the speed. You can also drag and drop a file into the window. You can only use one file at a time with these tools but they do work if you are using a computer.

  1. Time Stretcher – this will also work on iOS devices such as iPads
  2. TimeStretch Player. You can also change the pitch and is generally more sophisticated! However, this one will not work on iOS devices.

Any questions or thoughts of your own?

If you have any questions or good ideas about this section of the website please fill in the form below. We’ll be pleased to hear of any other novel approaches you have on practising your part.